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Contact us to file a response to a lawsuit (Answer or Answer and Counterclaim) in the following New Jersey Court Houses:

  • Bergen County
  • Hudson County
  • Essex County
  • Passaic County
  • Morris County

You have 35 days to respond to a lawsuit in the Superior Court. The time begins to run when you are Served with the lawsuit. If you have been sued and were not served with the appropriate process, which is a Summons and Complaint, you must ensure the other party has not wrongly entered default against you.


  • Civil Lawsuits
  • Auto Accident Suits
  • Injury Claims
  • Suits involving a Will or Estate
  • Lawsuits regarding Real Estate or Sale of a home
  • Business litigation
  • Suits or claims against a governmental entity
  • New Jersey Property Tax Appeals
  • Debt Collection matters
  • Medical Bill collections
  • Contract lawsuits
  • Claims where your Insurance company refuses to cover you or pay


  1. Never admit you are at fault or responsible or owe the plaintiff. You may share your thoughts with your attorney, but never admit anything to the other side. In fact, there is no reason to communicate with the plaintiff. Let your attorney handle all communications.
  2. Keep all documentation and photographs related to your case. Do not throw anything away or delete any digital files. Not only are you potentially giving away something that may help you, you could be accused of spoliation of evidence.
  3. Make sure you file your Answer within 35 days of being served with process, or obtain an extension. Procrastination in regard to a lawsuit is a horrible idea, and will only lead to further problems and expenses.
  4. Leave your emotions behind. The Courts decide cases on facts. Try to be business-like; help your attorney by being organized so that the attorney may present your side of the lawsuit effectively. Your feelings about the other people or companies involved won’t help you win your case.
  5. Do not repair, fix, or change any object or vehicle that may be a part of the case until you have spoken with your attorney. The person suing you may have the right to inspect the item, product vehicle etc. that the suit is about prior to any repair being completed.

You may also want to file a Counter Claim. This is a claim by you seeking money from the person that filed the suit to begin with.

If you have allowed more than 35 days to pass and did not file your Answer, you may have a default against you. Seek an attorney to file a motion to vacate default or vacate a default judgment.

If your matter is not venued near my office, I can recommend someone who may help you.